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The World of Cristate and Variegated Succulents

Author: Gordon Rowley

With this volume, Gordon goes to cover another gap in the botanical literature, the phenomena Teratology: fasciation, monstrosity, variegated, chimeras and any other matter "unusual" as the abnormal proliferation, the spiral twist, the unusual absence of spines and abnormal leaf. Teratology applied to the vegetable kingdom was founded in the nineteenth century, but the only work on the subject to date devoted to succulents - excluding the volumes published in Japan which are almost exclusively Photography - The riddle was of the origin of monstruosity and cristation in succulent plants, Wolthuis of 1939, a Dutch-English bilingual volume rather technical. As these phenomena are still only partly explained scientifically accurately, the author explains with his usual clarity as they happen and occur both in nature and in cultivation. The book, beautifully illustrated, is progressing systematically addressed in specific chapters each of known phenomena, with interludes of great photo suggestion. The tenth chapter discusses instead teratology for examining the botanical family gradually Cactaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Asclepiadaceae, Apocynaceae, Asteraceae, Crassulaceae, Agavaceae, Asphodelaceae, Aizoaceae, Portulacaceae, Passifloraceae, Didiereaceae. Rowley does not forget that nomenclatural issues are appropriately addressed in Chapter 7, and growing, shown in the next. The work is accompanied by appendices, glossary, bibliography and index of names. There are few books devoted to succulents that every scholar and enthusiast should have in its library. Teratopia is certainly one of them.

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Specific Details

Hardcover: 287 pages
Title: Teratopia
Author: Gordon Rowley
Publisher: Cactus & Co.
Date: 2006
ISBN 10: 8895018087
ISBN 13: 9788895018089
Language: English
Weight: 3 lbs 13.2 ounces

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