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Bradleya 23

British Cactus & Succulent Society Yearbook

Author: Various

  • A new species of Eriosyce (Cactaceae) from the northernmost coast of Chile by Raquel Pinto
  • Conservation status of Eriosyce (Cactaceae) in northernmost Chile by Raquel Pinto and Arturo Kirberg
  • Notes on the phenology, natural geographical distribution range and taxonomy of Aloe dichotoma (Aloaceae) by Gideon F. Smith and Elsie M.A. Steyn
  • Aloe jawiyon, a new species from Soqotra (Yemen) by Susan J. Christie, Roderic W. Dutton, Dylan P. Hannon, Anthony G. Miller and Neil A. Oakman
  • Distribution of Ferocactus emoryi (Cactaceae) in Arizona by Root Gorelick and Shannon C. Doan
  • Taxonomy and conservation of the Discocactus Pfeiff. (Cactaceae) species occurring in the state of Bahia, Brazil by Marlon C. Machado, Daniela C. Zappi, Nigel P. Taylor and Eduardo L. Borba
  • Opuntia Index Part 11: W-Z, cultivars by Richard Crook and Roy Mottram
  • A revision of the genus Melocactus in CuraƧao and Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles with an illustration of the neotype for M. macracanthos by George Thomson
  • Ruschiella, a new genus of Aizoaceae and new combinations in Phiambolia and Phyllobolus by Cornelia Klak
  • Scanning fruits and flowers of Trichodiadema permits the identification of Delosperma neethlingiae by I.M. Niesler and H.E.K. Hartmann
  • Book reviews by Roy Mottram and Colin Walker

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Specific Details

Softcover: 120 pages
Title: Bradleya 23
Author: Various
Publisher: British Cactus and Succulent Society
Date: 2005
ISBN 10: 0902099752
ISBN 13:
Language: English
Weight: 0 lbs 12.1 ounces

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