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Pitcher Plants of the Old World Volume 1

Author: Stewart McPherson

Pitcher plants include the largest and most spectacular of all carnivorous plants. So-called because they produce highly specialised foliage that takes the form of hollow, water-filled "pitchers", these extraordinary plants lure and prey upon arthropods and other small animals. The pitcher plants of the Old World also trap the largest prey of all carnivorous plants, including on rare occasions, vertebrates as large as frogs, mice and even rats. This two volume work examines both genera of Old World pitcher plants (Nepenthes and Cephalotus) and documents the ecology and natural diversity of every known species for the first time and in unparalleled detail.

Pitcher Plants of the Old World Volume One consists of the following chapters; Introduction, Carnivorous Plants of the World, The Pitcher Plants of the Old World, The Evolution of the Pitcher Plants of the Old World, Trapping Processes, Infauna, Nepenthes of Borneo and Nepenthes of Peninsular Malaysia and Indochina.

Pitcher Plants of the Old World Volume Two comprises Nepenthes of the Philippines, Nepenthes of Sumatra and Java, Nepenthes of Sulawesi, Nepenthes of New Guinea and the Maluku Islands, Nepenthes of the Outlying Areas, Nepenthes Hybrids, Cephalotus follicularis, Habitat Loss and the Threat of Extinction and Cultivation and Horticulture, Appendix, Glossary, Bibliography, Index.

This 1399 page work contains 751 spectacular images. 120 species of Nepenthes, plus 5 incompletely diagnosed taxa are recognised, along with Cephalotus follicularis. Several of the species documented in this work have been discovered only very recently and, in many cases, the photographs presented in this work are among the first to be published. Examples include N. argentii, N. attenboroughii, N. bellii, N. bokorensis, N. burkei, N. copelandii, N. danseri, N. deaniana, N. gracillima, N. kampotiana, N. klossii, N. kongkandana, N. mantalingajanensis, N. masoalensis, N. micramphora, N. mindanaoensis, N. mira, N. naga, N. paniculata, N. papuana, N. peltata, N. pilosa, N. pitopangii, N. surigaoensis, N. tenax, N. tenuis, N. tomoriana, N. sp. Trang, N. sp. Phanga Nga, N. sp. Sulawesi, N. sp. Misool and N. sp. Papua. A newly discovered taxon from the Philippines, Nepenthes micramphora V.Heinrich, S.McPherson, Gronemeyer & Amoroso, is formally described in the Appendix and introduced here for the first time.

Pitcher Plants of the Old World is a focused study that provides a unique examination of this fascinating and very beautiful group of plants.

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Specific Details

Hardcover: 500 pages
Title: Pitcher Plants of the Old World Volume 1
Author: Stewart McPherson
Publisher: Redfern Natural History Productions
Date: 2009
ISBN 10: 0955891825
ISBN 13: 9780955891823
Language: English
Weight: 3 lbs 10.8 ounces

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