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Carnivorous Plants and their Habitats Volume 2

Author: Stewart McPherson

This spectacular two volume work examines the wild ecology, diversity and natural history of all carnivorous plant genera for the first time. Written in clear yet substantive language, this visually beautiful study reveals carnivorous plants in greater detail than ever before, and offers horticulturists specific information to achieve greater levels of success in cultivation.

Carnivorous Plants and their Habitats comprises 1,441 pages and includes 799 beautiful images. Six years in the making, this work profiles the distribution, botanical history, morphology, diversity, ecology, traditional uses, associated life, cultivation requirements and conservation status of all recognised carnivorous plant genera of the world.

The newly discovered genus Philcoxia is also covered in unique detail and for the very first time. Preliminary findings suggest the highly specialised, glandular structures of the foliage of Philcoxia are carnivorous adaptations, and indeed microscopic animal prey is readily caught and killed.

Many other plants documented in this work have been discovered only very recently, and in many cases, the photographs presented here are among the first to be published, including four spectacular new species of pitcher plants (Nepenthes), which are formally described and introduced here (N. gantungensis, N. holdenii, N. hamiguitanensis and N. palawanensis).

Volume Two covers the following chapters:

Sticky-Leaved Insect-Eating Plants
Corkscrew Plants: Genlisea
Bladderworts: Utricularia
The future of Carnivorous Plants and their Habitats
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Specific Details

Hardcover: 719 pages
Title: Carnivorous Plants and their Habitats Volume 2
Author: Stewart McPherson
Publisher: Redfern Natural History Productions
Date: 2010
ISBN 10: 095589185X
ISBN 13: 9780955891854
Language: English
Weight: 3 lbs 15.5 ounces

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