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Aldrovanda - The Waterwheel Plant

Author: Adam Cross

This book is the first comprehensive monograph of Aldrovanda, the extraordinary carnivorous °»Waterwheel Plant°…. Known for trapping aquatic prey between jaw-like lobes that dramatically snap shut when triggered, Aldrovanda is a unique carnivore related to the famous Venus°« Flytrap and employs one of the fastest movement responses known in the plant kingdom. This work offers a pioneering and detailed treatment of all aspects of the botanical history, ecology, history, distribution and cultivation of this novel plant, and includes the description of a new Aldrovanda colour variant.

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Specific Details

Hardcover: 249 pages
Title: Aldrovanda - The Waterwheel Plant
Author: Adam Cross
Publisher: Redfern Natural History Productions
Date: 2012
ISBN 10: 190878704X
ISBN 13: 9781908787040
Language: English
Weight: 2 lbs 1.0 ounces

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