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Betrock's Cold Hardy Palms

Author: Alan W. Meerow

Comprehensive profiles for 83 palm species capable of growing in climates colder than USDA Hardiness Zone 10 (Under 30-35°F or 1.6 to -1.1°C in minimum average).

This book also includes a list of minimum average temperature exposures for an additional 150 palms. The main features include cold hardy palms that are:

-Drought tolerant
-Highly salt tolerant
-Shade tolerant
-Hazardous to humans (including irritating fruits)
-And much more…

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Specific Details

Hardcover: 155 pages
Title: Betrock's Cold Hardy Palms
Author: Alan W. Meerow
Publisher: Betrock Information System
Date: 2005
ISBN 10: 0962976164
ISBN 13: 9780962976162
Language: English
Weight: 1 lbs 15.6 ounces

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