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Taxonomy of the Cactaceae

The new classification of Cacti based on molecular data and explained

Author: Joel Lode

First classification of cacti based mainly (although not only) on the molecular genetics (DNA) and explained. No book on cacti has never gone this far with illustrations, both in quantity (+9500 photos) and quality, but also in diversity, with plants photographed in habitat and collection at different stages of growth, also with flowers, fruits and even seeds (more than 360 species photographed on digital microscope)! And of course, all the latest discoveries!

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Specific Details

Hardcover: 1436 pages
Title: Taxonomy of the Cactaceae
Author: Joel Lode
Publisher: Cactus-Adventures
Date: 2015
ISBN 10:
ISBN 13: 9788461729746
Language: English
Weight: 14 lbs 10.0 ounces

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