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Exotic plant books -cactus and succulents
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Help your society build it's library! Exotic Plant Books will donate 10% of your purchase to the society of your choice!


Exotic Plant Books is owned and operated by me, Daiv Freeman. I've long been a proponent of the local clubs and societies. I firmly believe these organizations are extremely beneficial not just to the members, but for the overall advancement of the hobby - especially as it relates to the next generation of enthusiasts. While my personal focus has been cactus plants, the above is true for palm societies, bromeliad groups, orchid growers, etc.


To qualify, the organization must be a registered non-profit at either the state or federal level. Additionally the primary objective of the organization must have something to do with plants, gardening, or somehow related to the type of books sold on

How it Works

When an individual customer orders books from Exotic Plant Books, a credit equal to 10% the purchase price of books will be applied to the society or organization that the individual customer is associated with. The individual customer may decide at the time of order which organization to credit. This can be selected from a drop-down list on the customer sign-up page. Members of multiple organizations my attribute each order to a different organization if they so choose. If an organization does not appear on the list, the individual customer may contact me with the name of the organization and I will make sure the organization qualifies and that they get added to the list.

Each organization will be be given an account with a username and password just like individual customers. The balance will appear for each organization on the "My Account" page and orders will automatically be credited up to the full amount of the order. If the credit does not equal or exceed the total cost of the order, then the organization must pay the balance at the time the order is placed.

No Library? - No Problem!

If your society does not have a library, this may be the catalyst needed to get one started. If your group decides they would rather not start a library, then use the credits to buy books to sell or auction off at your next fund-raiser. This is a good way for the club to earn income and for the lucky raffle winner to get a good deal on a great book!

Get Listed

If you are a member of an organization that has not already signed up to take advantage of this exclusive offer, please call Daiv toll free at 855-838-2233 Mon-Sat, from 9AM-4PM Central Time or send an e-mail to

Web Links - Earn Even More Credits

If your society has a website, contact me for a promo code. Any links with your promo code included will automatically earn a 10% credit for your society on all orders from that link. That means ANYONE, ANYWHERE who clicks on that link and then buys a book will also be adding to your societies store credits! What's more, any link with your promotional code will likewise earn credits for your society so encourage your members to add a link to their personal websites, blogs, Facebook page, etc.

Exotic Plant Books is a proud member of the following societies:

Cactus and Succulent Society of America

Bromeliad Society International

International Palm Society

North American Mycological Association

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