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Species, Cultivars, and Hybrids

Author: Jeremy Spath, Jeff Moore

Agaves – Species, Hybrids and Cultivars takes a deep dive into the world of agaves, both cultivated and in their native habitat. Co-authored with agave expert Jeremy Spath, this 350+ page book offers over 2000 images and informative information about these stunningly beautiful and architectural plants. Cultivars and hybrids are shown and discusses as well as the majority of species.

This book is out of stock and out of print. There is talk of a possible reprint, so I haven't removed it yet. Please email me for a status update, but don't order as long as this note remains.

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Specific Details

Softcover: 356 pages
Title: Agaves
Author: Jeremy Spath, Jeff Moore
Publisher: Author
Date: 2021
ISBN 10: 099158466X
ISBN 13: 9780991584666
Language: English
Weight: 4 lbs 2.8 ounces

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