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Palms and Cycads Beyond the Tropics

a guide to growing cold-hardy species

Author: Keith Boyer

Finally a good little hand-book for cool climate palm and cycad growers. Not only is it useful for higher latitude locations, but also for high altitudes in the tropical regions where coldhardiness is an important consideration.

A good range of palms and cycads able to tolerate some degree of cold are discussed. The palm genera Butia, Ceroxylon, Chamaedorea, Livistona, Phoenix, Sabal, and Syagrus being covered in most depth. Of the cycad genera, Dioon is particularly well represented; other genera of cycads receiving detailed attention include Encephalartos and Macrozamia . The material is well researched and presented in a very readable manner. This book may not yield much new information to the enthusiast, but it does bring together most popular current information into an easily accessible format.

The photographs are certainly a bonus, particularly for a book in this price range. They cover an excellent range of species, habitats - both wild and under cultivation - and growth stages. Some of the photographs are particularly interesting as they depict species, some of which are relatively new to cultivation, in their native habitats, such as the Ceroxylon species. These types of photographs are a useful insight into both their growing requirements and potential size.

The sections on cultivation form a practical guide, covering germination, the raising of seedlings, procedures and considerations of planting out in-ground, and the nutrient requirements of both palms and cycads. Fortunately this is an area of the book where palms and cycads have been segregated. Although landscape-wise these plants are used similarly, they do have very different cultural requirements particularly in the germination and seedling stages.

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Specific Details

Softcover: 150 pages
Title: Palms and Cycads Beyond the Tropics
Author: Keith Boyer
Publisher: Palm & Cycad Societies of Austrailia
Date: 1999
ISBN 10: 0958793166
ISBN 13: 9780958793162
Language: English
Weight: 0 lbs 14.5 ounces

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