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Colorado Flora -Eastern Slope

Fourth Edition

Author: William Weber, Ronald C. Wittmann

Colorado Flora: Eastern Slope describes the remarkable flora of the state, distinctive in its altitudinal range, numerous microhabitats, and ancient and rare plants. Together with Colorado Flora: Western Slope, Fourth Edition, these volumes are designed to educate local amateurs and professionals in the recognition of vascular plant species so that they can be better stewards of our priceless and irreplaceable biological heritage.

These thoroughly revised and updated editions reflect current taxonomic knowledge. The authors describe botanical features of this unparalleled biohistorical region and its mountain ranges, basins, and plains and discuss plant geography, giving detailed notes on habitat, ecology, and range. The keys contain interesting anecdotes and introductions for each plant family. Each volume includes a background of botanical work in the state, a complete glossary, indices to common and scientific names, references and suggested readings, and hundreds of illustrations. The books also contain a new contribution from Donald R. Farrar and Steve J. Popovich on moonworts. The fourth editions of Colorado Flora: Eastern Slope and Colorado Flora: Western Slope are ideal for both student and scientist and essential for readers interested in Colorado's plant life.

104 line drawings, 1 map, 4 tables

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Specific Details

Softcover: 608 pages
Title: Colorado Flora -Eastern Slope
Author: William Weber, Ronald C. Wittmann
Publisher: University of Colorado Press
Date: 2011
ISBN 10: 1607321408
ISBN 13: 9781607321408
Language: English
Weight: 1 lbs 8.3 ounces

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