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A Practical Handbook: A beautiful guide to growing orchids

Author: Brian Rittershausen

The first section, The World of Orchids, offers a round-the-world tour of the range of tropical and temperate habitats in which orchids are found, and provides explanations of the main orchid types and of orchid botany and nomenclature. There are fascinating insights into how the early explorers discovered the first tropical orchids, thus starting an orchid craze that continues to this day.

An invaluable section on Where to Grow Orchids provides inspirational display ideas for growing orchids indoors, whether in glass tanks and baskets or on trees and stones, as well as on growing orchids outdoors. Keeping orchids under glass, with advice on heating, ventilation and shading, is also included. Guidance on growing orchids is given in a section on Care and Cultivation, with vital information on basic tools and equipment, compost mixes, potting and mounting, propagation, routine care such as feeding, watering and light control, and dealing with pests and diseases.

An Orchid Directory looks in detail at a wide range of orchid species and hybrids, providing information on their natural habitat, size, flowering time and growing requirements. All the main genera are covered, from Cymbidium to Dendrobium, from Phalaenopsis to Phragmipedium, as well as a selection of specialist orchids. Also included is an extensive list of suppliers and an easy-to-use glossary.

With its beautiful colour photographs and practical advice, this is the definitive guide to growing and caring for orchids, whether you wish to cultivate a few specimens or find new varieties to add to an existing collection.

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Specific Details

Hardcover: 264 pages
Title: Orchids
Author: Brian Rittershausen
Publisher: Anness Publishing
Date: 2011
ISBN 10: 0754824071
ISBN 13: 9780754824077
Language: English
Weight: 1 lbs 13.5 ounces

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