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Encyclopedia of Water Garden Plants

Author: Greg and Sue Speichert

Most books on water gardening devote too little space to plants, and yet, the plants one chooses will be critical to the success or failure of any given situation. The Speicherts have spent years working on this comprehensive resource, offering gardeners beautifully written entries that take in all the characteristics and cultivation requirements of hundreds of plants. A vast range of plant possibilities is included, from marginal species and floating plants to many that grow with submerged roots or in bogs. So, whether a gardener is dealing with a large pond in the countryside, a boggy backyard area, or a solitary barrel converted to a water garden, this lushly illustrated compilation filled with color photographs should provide the details and guidance necessary to select appropriate specimens for any type of acquatic design. Countless cultivars are described as the authors propose the best, most attractive flora to enhance the prospect of a water garden environment.

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Specific Details

Hardcover: 388 pages
Title: Encyclopedia of Water Garden Plants
Author: Greg and Sue Speichert
Publisher: Timber Press
Date: 2004
ISBN 10: 0881926256
ISBN 13: 9780881926255
Language: English
Weight: 3 lbs 10.2 ounces

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