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Invasive Plants

Guide to Identification and the Impacts and Control of Common North American Species

Author: Sylvan Ramsey Kaufman, Wallace Kaufman

An easy-to-use, wide-ranging guide to invasive plants in North America. Features full-color photos and descriptions of some 175 alien species--both terrestrial and aquatic--that are in some cases changing the landscape to an almost unimaginable degree. Accompanying text describes the plant's environmental and economic impacts as well as management techniques used to control it. Also includes an explanation of what an invasive is and a step-by-step identification key. An essential guide to understanding this unprecedented environmental challenge.

Identifying and understanding the plants that are changing the North American landscape forever.

Full-color photographs make identification simple.

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Specific Details

Softcover: 464 pages
Title: Invasive Plants
Author: Sylvan Ramsey Kaufman, Wallace Kaufman
Publisher: Stackpole Books
Date: 2007
ISBN 10: 0811733653
ISBN 13: 9780811733656
Language: English
Weight: 1 lbs 12.8 ounces

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