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Mesembs: The Titanopsis Group

Author: Steven A. Hammer

This full-color hardback is the first book to explore the 34 species and nine genera of the Titanopsis Group in detail. Quarter bound, 208 pages, luxury French-fold dust jacket, printed end papers... the book lives up to our promise of providing photographs of every species in flower (plus most in habitat as well), beautiful new seed capsule illustrations, custom distribution maps, and specially commissioned watercolors. The text, by the succulent plant?world's best-loved author, is as engaging and erudite as the plants are beautiful and surprising. From history to field exploration, horticulture and hybridization, thirty hears of Hammer's mesemb passion are finally being recorded!

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Specific Details

Hardcover: 194 pages
Title: Mesembs: The Titanopsis Group
Author: Steven A. Hammer
Publisher: Little Sphaeroid Press
Date: 2013
ISBN 10: 1939134005
ISBN 13: 9781939134004
Language: English
Weight: 2 lbs 11.0 ounces

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