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Succulent and Xerophytic Plants of Madagascar

Volume Two

Author: Werner Rauh

Professor Dr. Werner Rauh's monumental second volume of The Succulents of Madagascar completes an exquisitely detailed panorama of extraordinary succulents by the world's authority. The two volumes are illustrated with detailed photographs of this island-nation's unique flora. The plant families here have been isolated from their counterparts on the mainland Africa for some time and 80-90% are to be found nowhere else.

These volumes are a fitting tribute to the world's foremost and most ardent succulent enthusiast. His interests extend from unique flora of of Madagascar to orchids, cacti, and both desert and jungle flora from several continents.

With thousands of color plates, a complete index for both volumes, and an extensive bibliography - all printed on glossy acid-free paper and held together with heavily reinforced binding - it is unlikely that the likes of these two volumes will ever be duplicated. They will remain a basic reference on the unique and distinctive Madagascan flora.

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Specific Details

Hardcover: 400 pages
Title: Succulent and Xerophytic Plants of Madagascar
Author: Werner Rauh
Publisher: Strawberry Press
Date: 1998
ISBN 10: 0912647175
ISBN 13: 9780912647173
Language: English
Weight: 4 lbs 14.5 ounces

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